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Why I decided to start selling

It all started a few years ago. Grandma makes everything under the sun, but her blankets were all the rage. Everyone was requesting one! I knew I could ask her to make me one. Others in the family will roll their eyes at this, but I also knew if I asked to cut ahead of others "in line", she would have done it! However, if you know me, I'm not a line cutter. I loathe line cutting. If we are at a theme park, don't ask me to go on another ride while I wait in line, and then come back from the "restroom." Since I didn't want to cut, I thought to myself, "I should have her teach me. Then when I make my blanket, it will be like we made it together".

My hands were so clumsy and uncoordinated, she finally suggested that maybe I was left-handed. I actually struggled so much, at one point I messed her up, and she started to forget the steps she was so patiently trying to teach me. But, I was determined to learn. So I watched and reviewed the videos I had taken of her hands, over and over, until it finally started to click. I made lots of crooked things and Googled many solutions. Eventually, I got pretty good. Then I started getting requests. People encouraged me to sell my items.

Here was the dilemma: I didn't really want a business. I didn't want what I love to feel like work. But I did want to keep buying all the yarn.

I joined a group for entrepreneurs. I realized in the group, I am not passionate about much, other than loving my family and others. Two things I do feel deeply passionate about is the story of people who cannot get access to basic things we often take for granted, like water and freedom. It is heart breaking to learn about people without access to clean water, and people who are victims of human trafficking. I often feel helpless and sad about these issues. But, what can I do? Turns out, I can give. So, I decided to sell my creations, and give the proceeds to Charity Water and Unlikely Heroes.

And that's my story! I am my biggest WIP (that is crochet speak for Work In Progress) and it's been a great journey. If I am blessed to live as long as my 99-year-old beautiful granny, I hope I will make for a completed project I am proud of. Bless you ♥️


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